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Provide a cleaner and healthier environment with safe, transparent and durable Colossus ® T2 Germs X Antimicrobial Coating. Working 24/7/365, Colossus ® T2 Germs X uses innovative green photocatalytic chemistry to continuously kill all bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores and reduce VOCs and odors.

Colossus ® T2 Germs X provides a self-cleaning hygienic surface that is effective indoors or out, and is easily and economically applied to virtually any new or existing surface, including metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, and textiles. Utilizing sunlight and/or typical interior lighting as its energy source, Colossus ® T2 Germs X is unique in that this cleaning action works even in visible or interior light, in the absence of Ultra Violet light required by other photocatalysts.

Colossus ® T2 Germs X is a powerful and persistent mineral oxidizer that is eco-friendly and sustainable with no environmental hazards. Colossus ® T2 Germs X is the most advanced functional coating available, safely providing non-stop broad spectrum antimicrobial protection and continuous pollutant and odour reduction in any environment.